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Further customer reviews regarding energy savings with Belisse Beauty microfiber produtcs:

Marita Langendorf, manager, Hair Point Martina Langendorf in Schaafheim,Germany: 

„I just can confirm this. I´ve been using exclusively the Belisse Beauty towels for almost 3 years. My customers are enthused. So am I. My electricity provider probable not."

„The towels are simply marvellous. By the way we use the mircofiber towels also for cosmetic treatment. The wet cotton towels in wet condition often smellt unpleasant even though they were washed at 90 degrees. The microfiber towels are absolutely odour neutral."  

Wendy Faughnan, manager, The Salon Sunningdale in Ascot,UK: 

"I`ve just fitted out my new hair & beauty with Belisse Beauty towelsand robes and am absolutely delighted with the quality. The energy savings are amazing."